Thank You Brother Wayne - posted 4/30/03
Reprinted by permission of Mr. Grimshaw

Your message about the 100 Club show was clear and heartfelt. I hope the people who love your music get the message. I hardly have anything to add, you said it all. What your fans may not understand, because you don't make a big deal of it, is the difficulty you face everyday. I've known you since I was your paperboy and you never were a whiner, you came from a loud happy family where everyone had to yell just to get a word in, and all enjoyed the process. I envied the energy of your house, and still do. Your house is now the world. I don't dwell on negativity and criticism, all that is just too easy. What is difficult and important is going towards the light with all your spirit and energy, which you do magnificently. You are an inspriration to artists everywhere.